What’s a Queer Astrology? #4 (Stella Lawson)

What is a queer astrology?

Truth be told, I don’t know. I feel like I have permission to acknowledge that in a way that rarely is given. We’re making it up. We’re figuring it out. We’re co-creating it with the wise and beloved allies gathering this July and beyond. I’m more interested in hearing from each and every one of you what your queer astrology is. Perhaps this is at the heart of what is arising.

Is it possible that astrology has always been queer and that queerness has always been cosmic? Goodness knows that the practices of each have been much maligned and used as an excuse for violence and abuse. Goodness also knows that each are a source of profound liberation, acceptance and relief to many. The holy union invokes supreme compassion for ourselves and everyone else, inviting in playful exploration of these crossroads as the intersections unfold into a more whole picture of what’s possible.

Because queering astrology looks like teaching and sharing it in creative ways, getting more stylish and interesting, I offer you, dear reader, a poem.

The Wedding

We survive the highest stakes
of burning times and stonewalls
Rising fierce and firm

Ancestors calling now
Share our stories
written in ash and ashe

We gather
the wisdom flows toward us, from us, thru us
a rising tide
cosmic homestead
locating ourselves inside, making the outer-space,
Our space

The stars speak
intertwined with earth
skyward heart felt,
Our bodies reconnecting
finally at home

This is what wants to happen now
Glitter done

Healing for the HealersĀ