What’s a Queer Astrology – #2 (Diego)

I practice astrology as a drive to break the antiquity of identification through traditions of my ancestry. As a western product of diaspora and colonial imperialism, more and more often I find myself forming identity by disidentifying or disavowing parts of language that form from biological and pathological constructs. While there is power in the intention of the words “no” and “not”, when I look to what I’ve gathered, I see a pile of scraps and clippings from the social fabric. I’ve taken clippings of things that don’t work to make a big pile of not-working. In this way I am naive. What IS almost always has nothing to do with what we ARE. I want to move towards an affirming identity, that even nothing, by being named is something. Dark Matter. It has a name but it is literally a void. I don’t want to be an unquilted pile of patches on the floor. I also want to move beyond the hippy dippy “just be”. Just existing isn’t enough for me. My spirit contends in a material culture. I am born from a sick and glorious world.

Until I found astrology I had no thread, no pattern, no true desire to be a whole. The idea of the chart, as a circle with no beginning, yet coded, structured, free, erratic, static and ecstatic, a replication of the cosmos, became as real the stars from whose dust we come from. Astrology means so mch to me but at the most basic level it is cohesion, a place to stand and move from, a way to have agency in chaos, and an illustration of a life as a whole.

– Diego Fitzgerald