Stella Lawson

Asteroids for Beginners: Towards a Queer Feminist Astrology
and White Allies CaucusStella

Asteroids put the femme back in feminism and give all people, especially for those that get that the binary is pretty boring, a great sense of nuance, subtlety and expanded possibility. The Asteroid Goddesses give us a more balanced and complex pantheon with which to understand all our parts. This talk is oriented to folks who are still new to asteroids or astrology in general, but bring your beginner’s mind and we’ll all get something out of it. Time will be spent interacting, making art, telling stories and in participatory exercises.

Also; Join us for a facilitated conversation on how anti-racist queer white folks can be better allies by bringing our commitments to our astrological practice and inquiry. How can we look at the ways privilege and oppression show up in the world in ways that will move us toward a more just and loving world?

Stella the Good Witch helps healers, activists and artists (and often folks who are all three) take better care of themselves so our care takers and change makers can keep doing their good work. Her spiritual practice is deeply rooted in anti-oppression work and the environmental justice movement. She was raised by witches and born on Halloween. She jokes that with a name like Stella (which means stars), being an astrologer just made sense! She’s been working with the asteroids since the inception of her practice and finds that they are the crucial piece to undoing the astrological patriarchy as much as we can in the world we have.