Roadshow Format

seattle uw preview 1In short form, the QA Roadshow is a call out to get the #hotyoungastros (of all ages) together. Whether in a single event of a couple hours, or reiterative practice, each roadshow cycle employs some simple questions:

ABC’s: What are we talking about? How shall we talk to each other?

Chart Drawing: What are you charting, over there? … This is what I can share with you, using this map.

Storytelling: “Because this is QA, I’d like to share something which doesn’t always come into square spaces, …”

To encourage access, there is FUNDRAISING separate and slightly unrelated to admission; also TICKETS for those who prefer that route.

In general public events run cyclically, with groups coming together to circle every 60, or 90 minutes. March events in LA, SF and NY will meet at the top of each hour. Arrive anytime.