Roadshow F.A.Q.

Do you have to be gay / lesbian / trans / bi …notafarm stillife
All are welcome. Consider queer a social or philosophical orientation, in which we all participate. Event format breaks from a top-down presentation style, and instead centers on all participants as co-creative contributors.

What happens at a Roadshow?
We build a full size mandala of our astrological space, mapping the moment and our place within it. There are embodied games, personal storytelling, chart drawing, and other artful pursuits. Events can focus on the glyphs/symbols, visibility, interpretation, social/political, and embodiment. More, the roadshow follows your questions, concerns, and intentions.

What if I have to come late?
At drop in events, we circle together at the top of ever hour. 10 minutes of facilitation finds our directions. We break up for research and play, then come back to share our findings. Arrive anytime.

No on turned away for lack of funds. Donations welcome.

The Queer Astrology Roadshow aims to intervene on cultural soul-sicknesses; to foreground queers and astrologers as healers, thriving.