Queer Astrology Projects

dinner partyCONFERENCES
The first Queer Astrology Conference was held in 2013 as research around the question: What is Queer Astrology?  As of Summer 2016, there have been two conferences, one book, and dozens of auxiliary events, drawing together passionate queer-identified astrologers and friends.

Audio recordings from the conferences are available; no one turned away & donations encouraged. 2015 Conference free downloads are here. A full set of audio recordings from QAC 2013 is available for $33 suggested donation or write via the Contact Form.

You may also enjoy the QA Anthology which includes text accounts of much of QAC 2013. Meanwhile, browse the gallery of event images.

The QA ROADSHOW aims to share QA spirit & cultivate local community. Join, or spearhead, some local action.

QA projects to date have been self-supporting; the bulk of QA work remains volunteer driven. Each event, whether a dinner or a conference, generates its own cash flow and pays presenters and organisers as generously as possible. The co-current options of a ticketed price, and No One Turned Away for Lack of Funds, allows us to explore Decoupling the Dollar from the Door.

The San Francisco Astrological Society 501(c)3  continues ~ through 2016 ~ to offer fiscal sponsorship for proposed projects. If non-profit support would allow you to access resources for QA projects, send an email to queerastrologyproject@gmail.com.