QAC 2013 Audio Files

Thank you for your donation. The linked titles of each talk will download directly. Enjoy!

Opening Panel: What’s a Queer Astrology?
Yolo Akili: The Compatibility Myth: Queering the Astrological Lens
Lilia Leshan: Astro Drag – interactive, no audio
Erica Jones: Ecosexuality: Liberating the Venus within Pluto
Chani Nicholas: Lilith and Adam: The Origins of Gender, Sex and Deviance – no audio available
Christopher Renstrom: The Saturn Return of AIDS
Jessica Lanyadoo and Barry Perlman: Queer Talk on Client Work
Rod O’Neal: Queer Liberation and the Stars
Stella Lawson: Asteroids for Beginners: Toward a Queer Feminist Astrology
Rhea Wolf: Gender in Myths, Myths of Gender
Ian Waisler: Queer Water, Queer Body, Queer Space
Eric Francis Coppolino: Holistic Sexuality and Astrology