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For Immediate Release (2013)
Ian Waisler



JULY 20-21, 2013

What’s a Queer Astrology? How do you define Queer? What is the intersection between Astrology and Queer? These burning questions and more will be explored at the Queer Astrology Conference in San Francisco!

Co-hosted by the San Francisco Astrological Society, and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

Join professional and novice astrologers alike at this ground-breaking conference to explore the intersections of study/practice and queer-identified life. By queer, we invite a broadly imagined array of gender and sexual diversity, self-defined identities and lived experiences. The intent is to work smarter in the present and to generate queer-specific resources for future astrologers. Astrology as a cosmic discipline brings the universe to the table; engaging it from a queer perspective invites a whole new lens on the practice.

Astrology means so much to me but at the most basic level it is cohesion, a place to stand, and move from, a way to have agency in the chaos, and an illustration of a life as a whole.” – writes Diego Fitzgerald who is facilitating a caucus for people of color.

Other titles include The Saturn Return of AIDS, Asteroids for Beginners: Towards a Queer Feminist Astrology, Ecosexuality: Liberating the Venus Within Pluto, and Queer Liberation and the Stars. Presenters include: Eric Francis Coppolino, Jessica Lanyadoo, Yolo Akili, Christopher Renstrom, Rhea Wolf, and, Barry Perlman (astrobarry).

The conference will center around an evening of tribute to San Francisco Astrologer and Sister of Perpetual Indulgence: Jack Fertig, also known as Sister Boom Boom. All are welcome to attend the tribute at no charge. There will be an opportunity to share memories, tributes and testimonials for Jack during an open mic session.

The evening will also provide a venue to auction Jack’s library including many out-of-print and difficult-to-find older books, traditional and historical texts, mundane and political astrology, history of astrology, foreign language, textbooks, relationship and gay astrology, and some hard-to-get periodicals.

We need to queer astrology (using ‘queer’ as a verb) because individuals are actually more different from each other than we commonly admit… and the more we can evolve our astrological practices to address an ever-widening diversity of human experiences and desires, the better we can help our clients gain comfort with genuinely expressing the unique quirks of their true selves.” – says Barry Perlman, a presenter at this years Queer Astrology Conference

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