Ian Waisler

The Unreliable Narrator headshotsmaller(2017)

The tributaries through which we absorb the astrological carry among them all manner of assumptions about the nature of things, in our literature.

Exploring the where and when we land, in our graphic language, is a key. When we center our queer being, being on this Earth, the shapes of the landscape and the truth of the encounters hum with us. Join Ian for a story-telling journey in this our solar system.

Queer Water, Queer Body, Queer Space (2013)

This talk will use the chart of the day as a portal, with intent to orient our work towards its deepest potential. We’ll investigate the water element, explore how astrological symbolism constitutes things like individual bodies and a greater cosmic body. Later we’ll root around in the meaning of things queer, and use these elements to re-member the great etheric field known as space. By unpacking the present moment and allowing its signatures to speak, we may come to be more aware of how it is we know what we know.

Ian Waisler first encountered the living sky as a youth, entranced by the moonlit sky and its unique way of speaking to him. He’s been engaged in astrological study his whole life, locating it among astronomy, mythology, linguistics, ritual and yoga. He studied with Risa D’Angeles, Jessica Murray, and Lynn Bell, in addition to completing the foundation year of the Faculty of Astrological Studies. Highly Uranian, he’s concedes the formality of established credentials are ill aligned with his dharma. In his dedicated study of Yoga, he continues to explore how astrological symbols live in the body, and how we can align ourselves with an illumined fullness. He’s thrilled to be organizing community through this Queer Astrology project.