QAC San Francisco 2015

QAC 2015 was at the Center for Sex and Culture. Below is the schedule, with links to full descriptions of the talks and presenters.

Downloads of the audio recordings are available freely for a limited time, with a request for donations to help fund future QA projects as you are able.


Pluto and Power, Diego Basdeo <<AUDIO>>
Mars and the Politics of Difference, Barry Perlman <<AUDIO>>


Decolonizing the Sky, Chani Nicholas <<audio forthcoming>>
I Was Born to be a Storyteller, Shanuga Tagore <<AUDIO>>
The Problem of the Gay Signature, Christopher Renstrom <<AUDIO>>


Intimacy Issues, Jessica Lanyadoo <<AUDIO>>
The Semenya Moment, Sam Reynolds <<AUDIO>>


Uranus-Pluto and the Girl Group Explosion, Laurence Jones <<AUDIO>>
Social Forms as Beings: Give Us Cred!, Stella Lawson & Cassie Thornton <<AUDIO>>