What is happening at Queer Astrology?
QAC 2015 will be March 20-22, 2015.
The first Anthology documenting QAC 2013 is available now.

Where is QAC 2015?
The conference will meet on Saturday and Sunday, March 21 and 22, 2015 at the Center for Sex and Culture – 1349 Mission Street, San Francisco. The venue is just a few blocks from Civic Center BART. Keep posted for details about a Friday night Opening Event.

As an out-of-town participant, where should I stay?
As a non-residential conference we are not affiliated with any hotels. Very nearby lodging can be booked with the Hotel Whitcomb, Holiday Inn Civic Center, or the Rodeway Inn Downtown. Or reach out to friends and community to organize a home stay.

Who are the speakers? What are the talks about?
Talks will reflect queer culture through astrology, and look at the place of astrology in our social, political and intimate lives. We aim to offer a mix of formal presentations and co-created discussions. Details about speakers and presentations are on the Contributors page.

How do I volunteer?
Send a message to the mailing list.

I cannot attend in person but am very curious about the event. Can I join a mailing to access documentation after the event?
Yes, tick just the relevant radio box on our mailing list.

What’s the intention behind putting this together?
Much of what happens in astrological conferences and publishing lacks a queer perspective. This conference aims to build community and represent new and different voices.

How do you queer astrology?
Astrology is a symbolic way of interpreting the relationship between the individual and their environment / the cosmos. Whoever opts to position themselves in the cracks between the habits of how it has been practiced and recorded through the past several millennia can bring a queer lens to their interpretation. Queering astrology is an ongoing project.