Yolo Akili

The Compatibility Myth: Queering The Astrological LensYolo

Theories of Astrological compatibility have largely been based on western concepts that suggest that differences are irreconcilable. This interactive presentation seeks to answer the question, what would a critical feminist lens to compatibility look like? How would we define compatibility and understand the interactions of elements and personalities if we re-conceptualize power and difference and what would that mean for how we see and interact with each other?

Yolo Akili has worked as an astrologer and emotional wellness counselor for marginalized youth and men for almost a decade. Akili’s writings have appeared in many publications including the Huffington Post, The Good Men Project and Voice Male. He has appeared on Huffington Post Live! and The Derek & Romaine Show (Sirius 1080 XM). Akili has also delivered keynotes and presentations at Vanderbilt University, Columbia University, Fordham University and much more.