Teal Van Dyck

Queering the Cap Stack: Challenge, Choice, Connection

Let’s dig into the impact and potential of the 1988-1991 Saturn-Uranus-Neptune stellium in Capricorn, a remarkable and heavy gift for a queer generation facing unprecedented challenges. We’ll look back and into the future to build context for this rare revolutionary line-up, and tell the story of how we can all harness the energy of the Cap Stack for ourselves and our communities. We’ll also generate strategies to support folks who are experiencing that stellium or conjunctions related to it, especially with Pluto moving through Capricorn during their first Saturn Return cycle, and with the 2020 Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto Cap conjunction on the horizon.

Teal connects seekers of transformation to star stories that propel healing and justice, time riding, and the evolution of consciousness in personal, collective, and transpersonal spheres. At night, Teal investigates moon messages and asteroid goddesses, embodied planetary magic, astrogeology, genderqueer and polyamorous astrology, and the art of surfing the outer planets. By day, they put their Capricorn-Aquarius skills to work as a poet and storyteller, and channel their Sag Venus & MC as an educator and cultural organizer. Teal’s consultations offer joyful, poetic, and deeply supportive inspirations for edgewalkers, heart warriors, and changemakers.