Shaunga Tagore

Letters to the Universe (performance excerpt)

Letters to the Universe is a play that uses astrology to tell the story of a queer, brown woman’s journey through multiple dimensions and spirit realms. In each dimension she meets a different Spirit Guide who represents one of the 6 astrological polarities, and who helps her choose between her destructive path and her creative path. This play asks us all to consider, during escalating times of violence and oppression, what is our best path toward personal and collective healing, transformation and freedom.

Shaunga Tagore is a performance artist, writer and astrologer in Tkaronto (Toronto). Her play, Letters to the Universe incorporates theatre, burlesque, video, poetry, song and astrology into its narrative. Shaunga’s work is often about survivorship, trauma, magic, ancestors, ghosts, the underworld and the cosmos. She grounds all her work in the wisdom, brilliance, resilience, history and complexity of queer, trans, people of colour.