Shaunga Tagore

Storytelling, Astrology, and Performance in
Revolutionary Movements and Moments

Tagore will present an excerpt of her one woman show, titled The Erasable Woman, as a text for a group discussion on the role of astrology and art in individual and collective healing/justice movements and moments.The Erasable Woman is a story of a young, queer, brown woman who must learn to talk to ghosts. Voices from her ancestors, past lovers, spirits in the land and constellations in the sky continue to visit her in her body and in dreams. Only be listening to these mysterious voices will she learn how to survive childhood trauma, harmful and exploitative young adult relationships, come to terms with grief, loss, death of loved ones, and transform into her own unique “superqueero.”

Shaunga Tagore is a performance artist, astrologer and community organizer living on Turtle Island, occupied Indigenous territory (ie Toronto). As a superqueero, cis-femme of colour healer, she offers individual readings and group workshops on astrology and tarot, including a workshop series on the links between astrology, justice-oriented community building and individual/collective healing. She is currently developing a one woman show; she is the co-creator of the showcase series, Unapologetic Burlesque: Queer. Consensual. Anti-Racist. Not Your Average Burlesque and has over 10 years of experience doing arts-based organizing and teaching in queer, trans, young communities of colour with a wide range of abilities, education and class backgrounds. Above all else, Shaunga is a storyteller: committed to the exploring, digging, sharing and listening to stories that need to be told, whether that is found through creating community space, artistic works, or guidance from the stars.

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