Samira Bechara

Persephone – The Goddess of Spring Growth (And The Underworld)

Common understanding of Persephone’s myth generally pertains to the negative aspects of her relationship with Hades: her abduction, rape, imprisonment, and separation from her mother. This one-sided understanding of the story negates Persephone’s personal choice in the matter, and as we all know, the circumstances of life are a combination of fate and free will. In this presentation, we will work on the assumption that Persephone did have a choice, and exercised her personal judgment to stay in the Underworld and ascend to the throne of Queen. In addition, we will explore the myth as a metaphor for our current socio-cultural climate, with the Underworld representing the queer community, and Demeter and the Pantheon representing the status-quo.

Samira Bechara is a traveling astrologer and tarot card reader. Originally from Seattle, WA, she has lived, studied, and practiced in cities across the world. Her astrology practice leans toward the archetypal and evolutionary schools, although she doesn’t subscribe fully to any particular tradition. She is currently pursuing certification through the NCGR. She is empathetic, light hearted, and intuitive, and creates a fun and safe space for deep learning.