Rhea Wolf

Gender in Myths, Myths of Gender Rhea

In an effort to counter hetero-normative language in both Astrology and Culture, we’ll take a look at how to identify a wide variety of gender perspectives in the myths and archetypes of the planets. The word “gender” has been used since Hellenistic times to describe the signs of the zodiac in order to assign how they will manifest events in life. Rhea will present her own playful approach to the use of mythology in the practice of astrology to enliven how we think of the planets and signs in relation to gender-identity. Together, we will examine how frameworks of gender can be both useful and limiting. We will also discuss expanding the spectrum of how we think of gender in astrology so that it can encompass a more fluid, flexible approach. This presentation will include time for personal writing, reflection and group discussion.

Rhea Wolf is feminist witch and astrologer living in Portland, Ore. Her genuine desire is to help people awaken their inherent creativity, activate their authentic selves and deepen their connections to the larger world. Rhea is motivated by a vision of an emerging culture based on respect, beauty, justice and relatedness. She is the author of The Light That Changes: The Moon in Astrology, Stories and Time. Her articles have appeared in The Mountain Astrologer, hipMama, Perspectives and VoiceCatcher. She can be reached at rhea@turningwheelastrology.com.