Rebecca M Farrar

Juno: Karmic Partner and Misunderstood Goddess

While Juno in mythology represents a jealous wife and shadow elements of committed partnership, her astrological influence goes far beyond that stereotype. Her placement in our chart reveals our key motivators for partnership as well as our core wounds related to attachment. Though a comparison of natal placement, synastry, and transit we can understand her impact for fully understanding how we navigate our cosmic connections.

loves astrology as a tool for honoring complexity and the bridge between human and cosmos. Before studying astrology more than seven years ago, she was huge skeptic and now she is obsessed. In 2013, Rebecca completed her M.A. in Philosophy. Her thesis, titled “Stargazing: Re-enchantment Through Language,” combines philology, consciousness studies, and enchantment with the stars. When not staring at her transits, she can be found wandering the beach, reading a book, or “force” cuddling her kitty Freyja.