Ludo Foster

Boi Becomes Hare

During my ongoing gender transition I have found meaningful connections to the animals, and hybrid creatures that appear throughout my astrological chart. These animal symbols have helped to give expression to a more complicated, expansive, playful and less linear concept of transformation. Join me for a short narrative of myself as a mixed race trans boy growing up in a working class family in the South Wales Valleys, and how astrology has even enabled me to subvert the standardized “trans narrative” in a creative way. 

Dr. Ludovic Foster (Ludo) is an independent academic, Welsh Trans man living in East Sussex. He is a vegan, a Cancerian merboi and a self-described anti-assimilationist angelic troublemaker whose passions include astrology, swimming, hypnotherapy, “hidden histories,” playing the ukulele, music of all kinds, learning bodyboarding, film, and travel. Ludo adores cats and is incredibly Siamese cat friendly! Ludo’s latest art project ‘Boi Becomes Hare’ was exhibited in November 2015 in Bristol UK at an exhibition called ‘Trans/Forms,’ a project to create an alternative to the mainstream narrative around trans people and provide a platform for transgender artists.