Lucien Mae

Attachment-1Trans/Genderqueer Caucus

Join us for a facilitated conversation of trans and genderqueer folks. We will be exploring ways in which astrology represents trans experience as well as where the experience of genderqueer folks is marginalized. How can we bring our experience to the center of the conversations in ways that will make astrology and the world better?

Lucien is just starting out on his venture into the practice of Astrology. Originally seeking to find some solace in the stars after the worst of all queer tragedies, the Bad Breakup, Lucien has branched out into answering other questions for himself and others, such as “Why does that gemini rising always have a smirk?” and “Why does my cancer moon insist on watching The Notebook over and over and over?”

Inspired by POC and non-normative politics, Lucien seeks to find a different way to understand and connect to the world, one that isn’t mediated by profit, commodification, or the erasure of the queer spirit. He’s currently working on a queer brown god/desses pantheon, understanding his pluto, and starting an aggressively woo queer art fart blog.