2013 Laurence Jones

laurenceCisgendered Allies Caucus

Join us for a facilitated conversation regarding how cisgendered folks can be better allies for genderqueer and trans folks in the astrological world and beyond. How can we look at the ways privilege and oppression show up in the world in ways that will move us toward a more just and loving world?

Laurence Jones has been aware of Astrology since his grandmother wished he was born 3 weeks later so he could be a Cancer. Through analyzing and challenging perceived gender roles and stereotypes he’s looking to remove negative associations he’s learned through the binary nature of mainstream Astrology. With the support of a rich queer astrological community, he will be co-facilitating the CIS gender and Astrology Caucus with Chani Nicholas.

Outside of Astrology you’ll find him loving old soul musicwaxing poetically about old cars, and advocating for arts education in Bay Area public schools. Or mouthing off on the internet in general and eating too much pie.