Kenwyn Dapo

Exploring Pluto’s Exposing Us
Anyone who identifies as queer has had to come to terms with truth about themselves that they probably didn’t grow up wanting to be true.  All hail Pluto! Pluto shows us what we don’t want to see, and can’t unsee.

The positive spin that says Pluto “transforms,” or the pundits who make analogies to butterflies and phoenixes, don’t talk about the fact that a caterpillar, inside its cocoon, turns to goo. And that before a phoenix rises, it is burned, alive, into ash.

Basically, Pluto can suck.

In this psychological-centered talk, we will explore Pluto’s role in being our whole selves, examining the charts of queer people and those with queer sensibilities, as well as (data permitting) people who have pushed Pluto’s truth underneath, and who have had their Pluto publicly exposed in unceremonious ways.

Participation and conversation are strongly encouraged.

Kenwyn Dapo is a full-time performer and part-time astrologer. As Mistress B, a comedy dominatrix twisting naughty balloons, she appears regularly at Lips Restaurant, The Cubbyhole bar, in Burlesque shoes and at Private Parties. She also writes comedy songs about true crime (and other serious topics), and is one half of the comedy Eurythmics Tribute Band, Your Rhythm Mix. She is obsessed with all things Plutonian, which is exactly as Pluto would have it.