Katie Sweetman

Chiron: Untying the Knot

Chiron, a recent addition to astrology, represents a point of deep psychic, emotional, and spiritual pain. Often unconscious, Chiron runs through the chart like a knot in the fabric of our lives, blocking flow and space. What happens when we bring consciousness and healing to the knot? Chiron then becomes the key that unlocks us to higher dimensions of self.
While holding sacred space, we’ll invoke the energy of Chiron, helping you to discover and empower your own psychic knots, opening up this energy for the collective.

I’m Katie Sweetman, a consulting astrologer and psychic medium living in New York City. I created Empowering Astrology in 2010 to show people how astrology + consciousness can help us live better, more soulful lives. True to my Gemini Moon, I wear a lot of hats. I’m a designer, sometimes web developer, writer, nerd, chef, and baker. I have a crazy memory for useless information. I’m also a self taught astrologer.