Joanne McDonough

Inanna’s Walk On The Wild Side

Queen of Heaven, Sumerian Sex Goddess Inanna descended into the underworld to visit her sister, Ereshkigal and was never the same again. Walk on the wild side and explore Venus’ synodic journey through movement, poem and esoteric rite. Experience Inanna as the alternative Venus archetype, pop an astrological cherry or two and begin to embody Venus through a queer-folk lens.

Joanne McDonough is a queer astrologer living in Toronto, Canada.  She raised a family in the Bronx, attended CUNY (ADN, BA-History, MPA) and loved being a professionally driven, subway riding New Yorker for 30 years.  Now she has a garden, a fur companion named Merlyn and a F/T astrology practice by the shores of Lake Ontario. For chart readings and compassionate counsel drop Joanne a line at: