Erica Jones


Ecosexuality: Liberating the Venus within Pluto

In poetic paraphrase of Barbara Deming (1917-1984), a remarkable peace activist who remained in the closet the majority of her life:

Sexuality cracks our single selves
for without it
we would be impossibly

You are invited to an exploration of ecosexuality, a nascent global movement transforming the metaphor of “Earth as (simply) Mother” to “Earth as Lover,” as an entryway to awakening the astrological archetypes in a radically animate cosmology which recognizes the centrality of relationship to our being.  We will further examine how the revolutionary potential of queer sexualities—apparently so threatening to social and cultural hierarchies—can contribute to the development of an environmental ethic (ethics inclusive of the greater-than-human world) which offers greater inclusivity and justice within the human family.

Erica Jones, M.A., Integral Ecology, has been a participant-observer in astrology since 2006, studying principally with Richard Tarnas at CIIS.  While composing a biography of Mount Diablo, a nearby mountain in Contra Costa County, Erica is also developing a community astrology model together with an astrologers’ collective, all of which seek to make a transformative worldview more accessible to a wider audience. Her astrological practice is informed by ecological awareness, incorporating nature-based practices for self-exploration and reconnection to the greater-than-human world. Prevailing obsessions include the nature of causality and the revalorization of the planetary archetype Neptune (publication forthcoming).