Eric Francis Coppolino

Holistic Sexuality and AstrologyEric Francis Coppolino

Questions of sexuality are often assigned to specific houses of the zodiac (typically the 5th and the 8th). In this presentation, I will show how how sex, sexuality and sexual identity can be factors easily identified in any of the 12 houses. Sex is a noticeable aspect of every human environment, from the most ordinary and public to the most private and interior.

Eric Francis, the editor of Planet Waves, has presented at both astrology and polyamory conferences since the 1990s. His written works, including “It’s Not About Sex, It’s About Self” and many articles about compersion, focus on the inner sexual relationship, self-esteem and introducing his readers to alternative points of view. He’s a minor planet specialist and widely-published news reporter, and has taught investigative reporting at the Queer Bloggers’ Conference in Washington, DC.