Chani Nicholas


Join Chani for an interactive, entertaining and investigative inquiry into the roots of what we call “Western Astrology”. Where does this beloved art form come from? Who were it’s original creators and/or transmitters? What role did colonization have in the passing down of astrological knowledge? Why do we call the red planet Mars? Who named (and renamed) these heavenly bodies and are the myths currently associated with them helpful or harmful to ourselves and our clients? Who is framing the sky and does that frame fit our communities and clients? What are alternative ways of framing planetary energies that create a more respectful dialogue between the planets and the people who watch them?

Chani has a degree in Feminist Counseling from George Brown College in Toronto, ON and a BA in Integral Studies from California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, CA. She has studied psychological astrology for over 20 years and is currently studying Hellenistic astrology with Demetra George. She writes horoscopes and other astrological articles that can be found on her website Chani devotes her spare time to studying, practicing and supporting restorative justice practices.

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