2013 Chani Nicholas


Lilith and Adam: Tales of Gender, Sex and Deviance
and Cisgendered Allies Caucus

Using the origin stories from The Zohar The Talmud and The Torah, we will unpack the myths surrounding the first couple:  Adam, (who starts out as both female and male) and his counterpart, Lilith.  In this talk we will focus on the astrological point,  Black Moon Lilith, which often represents that within us that has become split off from our conscious awareness.  Lilith in our charts often speaks to our greatest fears of rejection and demonization.   She also symbolizes the part of us that has the power to integrate and reclaim our dejected selves.  She is powerful; Goddess, demon and seductress, feared by many and embraced by few.  This session will include example charts of famous queer, radical, feminist leaders to help us see how Lilith manifests in the lives of those who carry it prominently.

Chani is a full time astrologer, writer and yoga teacher based out of San Francisco and LA.  She holds a BA in Integral Studies from CIIS, an associates degree in Feminist Counseling and she is a certified Yoga Therapist and Reiki practitioner.  All of her work is rooted in a queer, feminist framework and she believes that within this context the practice and application of astrology can be deeply liberating and healing.  You can read her astrological musings and horoscopes at www.chaninicholas.com.