QAC Contributors

Yolo Akili970788_417724078346867_213633786_n
* The Compatibility Myth: Queering the Astrological Lens QAC

Diego Basdeo
* Caucus QAC
* Pluto and Power QAC°2

booksaleEric Francis Coppolino
* Holistic Sexuality and Astrology QAC

Erica Jones
* Ecosexuality: Liberating the Venus in Pluto QAC

Laurence Jones
* Caucus QAC
* Uranus-Pluto and the Girl Group Explosion QAC°2

21984_10151470438181946_78484636_nJessica Lanyadoo
* Queer Talk on Client Work QAC
* Intimacy Issues QAC°2

Stella Lawson
* Asteroids for Beginners: Toward a Queer Feminist Astrology & Caucus QAC
* Social Forms as Beings: Give Us Cred! QAC°2

Lilia Leshan
* Astro Drag QAClilia altratmaking
* Altars QAC°2

Chani Nicholas
Lilith and Adam: The Origins of Gender, Sex and Deviance QAC
Decolonizing The Sky QAC°2

Rod O’Neal
Queer Liberation and the Stars QAC°2

Barry Perlman
1005457_417723538346921_41819982_n Queer Talk on Client Work QAC
Mars and the Politics of DifferenceQAC°2

Christopher Renstrom
The Saturn Return of AIDS QAC
The Problem of the Gay SignatureQAC°2

Samuel Reynoldsdinner party
The Semenya Moment QAC°2

Shaunga Tagore
I Was Born To Be a Storyteller QAC°2

Cassie Thornton
Social Forms as Beings: Give us Cred! QAC°2

Ian Waisler
Queer Water, Queer Body, Queer Space QAC993333_10151552827437543_1807456328_n

Rhea Wolf
Gender in Myths, Myths of Gender QAC