July 2013 ~ QAC

Queer Astrology Conference 2013 was a bold, inaugural effort.
Below is the Call, audio recordings, and other documentation archiving the event.



We call professional and novice astrologers to come together to explore the intersections of  study/practice and queer-identified life. By queer, we invite a broadly imagined array of gender and sexual diversity, self-defined identities and lived experiences.

The  conference agenda is rich with two days of presentations, conversations, and instigation. We are thrilled to present both well-known and new voices in astrology, offering historical, theoretical, practical, topical, and mystical lectures.

Panels will survey the current landscape. Caucuses will invite you to give voice to the concerns toward which our living art can healthfully grow.

The intent is to work smarter in the present and to generate queer-specific resources for future astrologers. Through sharing audio, video and written record of the proceedings, we hope to further the research, scholarship, and practice of astrology relevant to ourselves as queer people.