Autoethnography Labs

Queer Astrology Autoethnography Experiment (QAAX)

Autoethnography is a form of self-reflection and writing that explores the researcher’s personal experience and connects this autobiographical story to wider cultural, political, and social meanings and understandings. (Wikipedia)

>> How can Astrology help us to better tell our stories? <<
>> How can telling our stories be leveraged to document queer realities of heretofore invisible subjects? <<

First iterations of the QAAX Labs are bearing delicious results. Gathering both in groups of devoted astrologers, and in groups including astrologers and interested novices; games and small-group research are employed toward participants offering personal storytelling developed via their encounters in the lab.

Over time the QAAX Labs aim to cultivate community and peer support toward the publishing of QA Voices: first person accounts that further the visibility of persons not yet accounted for in the astrological literature.