Queer Astrology is more than just looking at outer planets and producing astrological statements it is in fact a cultural pressure being applied to the practice of astrology. We do not know where this cultural pressure will lead astrology but we do know that astrology is sensitive to such pressure.

- Bernadette Brady

The challenge is to develop a new body of astrological literature that will reflect what is happening here and now, as well as fulfill the dream of the previous generation of queer astrologers. This current movement to queer astrology, to organize conferences, and to create a new mode of interpretation must result in the publication of these ideas in our collective body of astrological work. This … is clearly a first effort in creating our future and an excellent start in educating our colleagues as to the nature of the vision.”

- Gary Lorentzen

“While concerns of gender and sexuality are certain to call attention, far broader inquiry into all manner of norms & belonging, and the notion of identity itself, receive a fresh turn for the Queerent.”

- Ian Waisler